Silk scarf – the ultimate accessory for women

However, shopping just out of a wish for change or to experiment without an actual plan or goal might not be the wisest decision. Although these spontaneous, euphoric shopping tours may boost your endorphins for a short time, it is very unlikely on such occasions, that you would eventually buy the things you really need. Unlike newly purchased products, which you can quickly and easily get bored of, new habits and skills can give you a much more complete and genuine feeling of renascence: they won’t take up unnecessary place in your closet and still, they will remain for long years as a useful experience.

What could these new habits be? For example, the ability of piecing various styles together out of the same basic clothes by combining them in many different ways or perking them up with diverse accessories. You can also acquire even a reverse skill with learning how to wear the very same accessory in many different ways creating a new style in every case.

Our brain works according to very simple rules, based on natural evolutional mechanisms: if a decision or solution turns out to be successful, we won’t search any longer for alternatives to tackle the same problem. Unfortunately, evolutional laws aren’t valid in the world of fashion, since - as you probably know from experience – frequently outfits can get very boring after a certain amount of time. The only way to get out of the routine and not to stick with the same old colour and pattern combinations, is to experiment with new styles and gather some dressing experience.

Let’s try to step out of our comfort zones with the help of patterned silk scarves! In order to freshen up your outfit a little bit, it will be perfectly enough, if you have just a few bright, colourful pieces in your closet. A beautiful patterned silk scarf worn on wrist, waist or even on your head can easily tone up a plain summer dress or an old pair of denim shorts, transforming them into trendy, original outfits.

A nice silk scarf in the colour, that fits you the most, can serve multiple purposes at the same time:

  • it brings out the colours of your outfit and peps up even your simplest clothes;
  • it can change shapes and adds an extra frilled layer to your outfit;
  • it helps you combine several various styles.

Even one single silk scarf, which you can tie in thousand different ways, can change your closet radically. All you have to do is learn those scarf tying techniques and memorize them for a lifetime, since elegant silk scarves never go out of style.

So how exactly can you wear a patterned silk scarf?

Neck silk scarf

If you are wearing a coat or a blazer, just wrap a scarf around your neck and your appearance will immediately become more interesting and graceful. 


Bigger, loose shawls tied around your neck or laced up in your belt will also look impressive. This way you can breathe life into your old overclothes, of which you’ve already got bored of, and turn them into something new. Take a look at the outfit in the last picture, where the belt has been replaced by a patterned silk scarf on the jacket – it gives a very prominent, exciting look.


A plain blouse or sweater can also be freshened up with a knotted silk scarf.


Just a single bow – this classic never goes out of fashion. You can easily combine it with loose shirts, blouses, blazers or low-cut pullovers. This tiny but eye-catching detail can transform every ordinary outfit into a special one.


Very similar to the previous look, but even more unstrained and with a light French tone; in this case, the shawl can be left a bit longer and the knot itself may also be bigger as well as sloppily tied. Don’t be afraid to play with the contrasts of the patterns, colours and textures, such as combining silk and baggy knit sweaters. The lady in the last photo, with her scarf hanging over her back looks very fresh and quite out of the common!


In contrast to a knot or a bow, wearing the silk scarf like a necktie will emphasize the long ends of the shawl. Just make a simple tie knot and leave the rest of the scarf to hang lax onto your clothes. This can be an effective way to loosen up your strict office outfit such as add some colours and patterns to it.


The “pirate” style, by which the two corners of the scarf are highlighted, is also widespread. You can tie the ends of the scarf under, above or behind the corner, but you can also leave them free to hang.


Those who rather prefer a romantic style, could also tie a bigger bow on the blouse or on a dress.  This simple method is perfect for feminizing your outlook as well as for adding a bit of playfulness to it.


Patterned head silk scarf

Wear your silk scarf or shawl as a headband: this will not only perfectly tie and keep your long hair together, but it will also give colour and emphasis to your looks. You can also leave your hair open or you can do a ponytail or a bun; either way, your hair should remain “Californian-style” loose.


Silk scarf turban - also a well-thought-out alternative. You can combine it with a bright lipstick or special earrings, that harmonize with the colours of your scarf. On Youtube you can find several tutorials about the many ways and techniques of creating a turban.


Blending a silk scarf into your casual hairdo has been perhaps the most mind-blowing scarf hairstyle recently. Either tie your ponytail with a shawl, braid it into your hair or make a bun and wrap a silk scarf around it. The most important thing is the looseness; the shaggier and messier your hair looks, the more impressive it appears, namely this bohemian elegance will spice up your hairstyle.


Wearing the silk shawl as a headscarf is recommended for those, who prefer a classical, retro style. However, if you still would like to represent modernity, you can combine the headscarf with leather jacket or other leather overclothes; this will result in a peculiar mixture of different, controversial styles.


On or as a belt

You can easily turn your casual denim-jeans-look into a multi-faceted outfit, if you replace your belt with a silk scarf or wear it as an accessory tied onto a belt loop. In the last picture we see a very unique way of wearing a scarf, slipped through two belt loops and tied into a knot.


To create the most impressive and original office look, just tie a silk shawl around the waist of your pencil skirt, dress or trousers as it were a wide belt.


On bags

One of the most familiar, classical ways of wearing a silk scarf is to bind it on a handbag. This way you can make the plainest, most common leather bag look trendy and individual.


An even more creative method than tying your scarf to the bag strap if you wrap the shawl around the whole bag strap. Like this, even the most ordinary bag will immediately look extravagant and you can also transform your dark handbags into fresh, colourful summer accessories.


On the wrist

A playful way to wear a silk scarf as a bracelet, combined with a watch, coloured nail polish as well as other bracelets and rings. This tiny detail will make you stand out of the crowd!


On the ankle

Tying a patterned silk scarf onto your ankle is a perfect choice for the bold, creative such as experimental ones. To be paired ideally with shorter denim jeans, loafers, mocassins, sport shoes, ballerina shoes or other flat and high-heeled shoes.


As a dress or top

You can also tie a silk scarf as a top, dress or under a blazer.


Further things to know about silk scarves

Silk shawls are mostly worn near to the face, so it is essential to choose a silk scarf, which in its colour and pattern fits your skin and hair tones.

Synthetic scarves may be cheaper and more available for the wider public, but they have their disadvantages, like not letting any air through so they can literally feel like “chooking”, not to mention that they create static electricity in your hair.

Silk scarves, if worn and stored with good care, can last a very long time. Shawls you don’t wear on a regular basis, are recommended to be brought to the cleaner’s or to be washed at home following the instructions on the cleaning tag and be stored, carefully wrapped in silk-paper, in a box. Avoid hanging up your silk scarves on hooks!

Be aware, that most of the patterned silk scarves cannot be washed in a regular way, since the dye can easily slur or wear off. If it is possible according to the cleaning tag to wash the scarf at home, only with lukewarm water and always with a special detergent for silk. This is very important, because the hard enzymes in common detergents destroy the proteins of the silk fabric.

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