Ties in women’s wardrobe

Once upon a time Coco Chanel invented the forms of wearing men’s wardrobe pieces for women and today there is no limit for us women anymore: pants, plaid shirts, different types of boots, vests, jackets, suits, hats, ties and so on.  In other words, we have taken away almost everything from men! And the biggest advantage of it, that all those pieces fit us really well!

Let’s pause for a moment to talk about ties in particular such as how to wear them if we would like to keep pace with today’s fashion.

Ties are very popular accessories among ladies as well, they make a playful impression and gives uniqueness, dignity and confidence to its holder. Ties always demand attention, that’s why its quality is extremely important. Ties can be made of a huge variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen or wool. In addition, ties could be also knitted, made from jeans fabric or leather as well.

In terms of colours there are no special rules. Formal style requires low-key colours like wine red, grey, dark blue, brown or black, but it is also allowed to make the colours more diverse and interesting with checked and striped patterns. Ties with bolder and floral patterns should rather be worn with an everyday or with an evening dress.

Medium-length, narrow ties are classical models, which will always be fashionable. Among others exactly this type of tie represents the formal, business style, so you should choose a model and colour, that fit that kind of appearance. At men's fashion shows, we often see that the ties are tucked into pants. Don’t be afraid to try this new outfit as well! This unconventional look will have an interesting and courageous effect. Wide silk ties with an unusual geometric or other original pattern will always remain popular. Although these ties are not recommended for very important business meetings, you can wear them as an everyday outfit in the office or for less important workplace occasions. 

So how to pair our ties with other parts of our outfit?

If you decide to wear a tie following the classic style, don't forget a very important rule: ties do not tolerate rivals. The tie will be an accentuated part of your outfit, therefore other unique and vivid accessories are unsuitable. You might ask yourself now: but what can I wear in such case? Smaller earrings, a watch, simple rings, tie accessories, pocket squares or bracelets could be an answer. In the last case note, that ​​the more low-key (plain colour, no pattern) a tie is, the more garish and conspicuous could be the bracelet. On the other hand, if you choose an original, patterned tie, combine it with a restrained, narrow bracelet. If you decide to pair your tie with a suspender, pay attention, that its colour has to match your tie’s.  

For those to whom the classical style seems to be a bit boring: you can try to combine your tie with more vivid and unique accessories.


You can wear your tie almost everywhere: in the office, on the street or at a party. Matching a tie with the office style is not that difficult, it can be nicely combined with classic pant- and skirt suits. The main rule is to choose a hard-collared shirt in masculine style. At the same time, it is not necessary to limit yourself with a strict classical style - for example, you can tuck up the sleeve of your jacket and/or wear a belt over it to highlight your hip. You can even replace those straight pants with bell-bottom ones or wear a vest instead of a jacket.

A fine women's tie paired with a blouse, pencil skirt or sleeveless dress creates a stylish and elegant combination. You will also need a tie when it comes to the so-called military style: a simple knotted, short tie without pattern gives a stylish look to the "military" shirt that goes well with straight skirts. The most important rule of this style is, that you cannot wear sequins, curly ribbons or lace, since this style is characterized by pure lines, strictness and the use of classic materials such as cashmere, wool, fine fabric and silk.

For a much freer, loose style, use more colours, details and more layers. This gives your look lightness and originality.

At evening occasions ladies are happy to wear a tailcoat, a tuxedo or a three-piece suit, those almost always completed with a tie or bow tie. Ideal accessories for this outfit are for example a clutch bag and high heels.


If you think, that a tie might give you a very strict look, you can also replace it with a simple silk scarf tied in a knot. This way, your outfit will not be monotonous and will also retain its elegance.

Have a closer look at the ladies in these pictures! Aren’t they majestically elegant and attractive at the same time? The few examples above show perfectly, how effectively we can use a typically men’s accessory such as a tie in our wardrobe without losing our femininity, but in the contrary, even emphasizing it. If you haven't thought about wearing a tie yet, it's time to step out of the usual conservative female style. Just be brave, ladies!

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