The discovery of silk, this noble material and its production process were kept in secret for centuries. The history of its global spread from ancient China to the Middle East and Europe, the trading evolution story through Silk Road, the popularity of the silk apparel of luxury brands of the modern times turned silk into an unique material without peer.

This kind of mystery and excellence of silk were the main factors led us to the idea to dig deeper in details of production and processing of this fabric, as well as to get acquainted with silk’s magical effect on fashion and beauty care.

With operation this store our intention is to share our discovery and knowledge with our customers just as to offer sleep comfort and fashion accessories from the finest mulberry silk.

At the same time as art lover enthusiasts our intention is to set up an online platform to artists enabling them to exhibit and sell their art works. On the other hand, our online platform will provide opportunity to art lovers to buy their favorite art works, too. We strongly believe that the exceptional beauty of silk and the artistic expression fit well with one another.  

Combining a silk store and an art gallery is an experimental approach to bring together people sharing the same interests at a virtual meeting point. We really hope you like and support us in this endeavor.  

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